Meticulously tracked from the source, expertly cut by few select diamantaires and delivered to our trusted supplier network. Each Botswanamark™ diamond carries with it a guaranteed chain of custody - from the mines in Botswana to the consumer.

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Building Lagacy

Building a legacy

"One of Africa's veritable economic and human development success stories".

The United Nations


“For our people every diamond purchase represents food on the table, better living conditions, better healthcare, portable and safe drinking water, and more roads to connect our remote communities”

— Festus Mogae, former president of Botswana

The Footprint

The Footprint

Everything we make has an impact on the planet. It is therefore essential that you know what the social, economic and environmental impact is of unearthing a Botswanamark diamond.


Diamond Story
Every factory has a story. We work with the market leaders to cut and polish Botswanamark diamonds.