Responsible sourcing lies at the heart our diamond provenance programme Botswanamark, which provides a fully transparent route from the source to the end customer. Our responsible sourcing activities focus on ensuring that Botswanamark diamonds are produced in a way that is respectful to people and the planet.

Botswana is globally recognised as one of the world’s largest producers of gem quality mined diamonds and our supply chain due diligence ensures that we only source diamonds that have been mined in accordance with strict environmental and occupational health and safety standards.

Botswanamark™ diamonds begin their journey as rough stones, mined in Botswana (by ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified miners), originating either from the Jwaneng, Orapa or Letlhakane mine. All Botswanamark™ diamonds are sourced directly from the Okavango Diamond Trading Company in Gaborone. This is confirmed by our own due diligence, which includes on-site visits to the mines of origin in Botswana as well as the facilities operated by our other supply chain partners.


To secure the identity of our Botswanamark™diamonds we laser inscribe a unique Provenance ID on each stone. It is placed on the surface of the diamonds girdle and can only be read at >25x magnification. The ID does not affect the clarity grade of the stone, even for flawless diamonds. Botswanamark™ diamonds are of Botswana origin and all stones above + 0.20 carats are GIA certified.

Provenance ID


All Botswanamark™ diamonds travel to our Best Practice Principles (BPP) certified atelier in India or Botswana to be cut. Skilled artisans polish the diamonds with incredible accuracy and artistry, bringing out the beauty of each stone.

The Best Practice Principles (BPP) are a set of social and environmental standards for the diamond industry, providing a strong system for assuring stakeholders, shareholders, customers and business partners that a company conducts its business responsibly. Companies that wish to become BPP certified must participate in its rigorous assurance process which includes independent third-party audits.

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