Join us in forging a legacy

Join us in forging a legacy

We invite you to educate yourself about the environmental issues surrounding diamond mining and the polishing of these gems in Botswana and India, and to engage with us in problem solving. It’s important for all of us to develop a deeper understanding of these environmental issues (the foot print) and have the skills to make informed and responsible decisions about what the impact is of the products we consume.

We are taking action to reduce the footprint and improve the handprint of each stone, head over to our sustainability page to learn more.

The availability of fully traceable Botswanamark diamonds is scarce, this has lead to only a few select brands and designers having access to these precious stones. As we work on fulfilling our purpose we will focus on ensuring that more partners have access to Botswanamark diamond. Follow the journey and get involved.

Read our Annual Sustainability Statement 2023 here
Read our Responsible Business Practices Policy here



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